Imagery & Data: Metadata

Metadata is information about a data set, such as who is responsible for it, when it was created, what its source was, its spatial extent, its accuracy, and other characteristics about the data. Every data set should have metadata attached to it.

Metadata is available for all of the data distributed by Geomatics Yukon.  There are three ways to explore metadata:

  • Search for metadata directly in the GeoYukon application (released Nov. 26, 2014). This is the best method to search and explore our spatial data catalog.
  • Search for metadata in the Geoportal metadata catalog (released Nov. 26, 2014).  Geoportal contains a catalog of all Geomatics Yukon's metadata and is used by the GeoYukon application.
  • Download data from our GeoYukon application or FTP site.  All downloaded spatial data will contain a metadata record.

The Government of Yukon follows the ISO 19139 Metadata Implementation specification for capturing metadata. 

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