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Geomatics Yukon participates in the following geomatics related committees:

Yukon Imagery Coordination Discussion Group

Yukon Imagery Coordination Discussion Group meetings are an opportunity to discuss imagery availability, status of new imagery and current Geomatics Yukon imagery projects. Meetings occur up to 4 times per year. Membership is open to private and public sector imagery users.  For more information contact

Yukon GIS Users Group

This group provides an open forum for Yukon GIS profesionals to share ideas and keep informed on GIS activities. Membership is open to private and public sector GIS professionals. For more information contact

Canadian Council on Geomatics

The Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG) is the federal-provincial-territorial consultative body for geomatics in Canada on which the governments of Canada and each province and territory are represented. Geomatics Yukon represents the Yukon Government on CCOG. CCOG meets at least annually.

The aims of CCOG are to:

  1. provide a consultative forum of federal, provincial and territorial government representatives for such purposes as:
    1. the consideration and discussion of important common issues and concerns;
    2. the exchange of information on current and future programs;
    3. the discussion of proposed legislation of general interest;
    4. the presentation and discussion of reports on achievements, organizational changes, new ideas, technology and procedures developed during the preceding year or to be developed in future;
  2. develop, promote and promulgate national and international geomatics standards;
  3. work together to support a Canadian geospatial data infrastructure;
  4. promote cooperation and the exchange of geomatics data to reduce duplication of effort and to facilitate easy access to and use of geographical information by all Canadians; and
  5. formulate recommendations and resolutions as are from time to time deemed appropriate.
For more information contact Lauren Crooks.

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