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Yukon Government Technical Support

Geomatics Yukon is responsible for distributing Yukon Government spatial data and imagery to Yukon government employees and the public. There are many technologies used to do this, such as our ftp site, WMS, and web mapping applications.  If you are having trouble with any of these technologies please consult the FAQs below.

If you can't find an answer to a question, or need more information on Yukon Government GIS support please email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I change my CSW password?
  • A web mapping application is not working. Who should I contact?
    Please send an email to and let them know which application is not working.
  • I can't access the CSW or the image services data who do I contact?
    Send an email to
  • I can't get an ArcGIS Desktop license. Who should I contact?
    Send an email to
  • How can I find out if there is any imagery is available in my study area?
    Check out the Imagery and Elevation Data page, or visit GeoYukon.
  • How can I see the data available on the Geomatics Yukon FTP site?
    Click here
  • What is the Yukon Albers projection, and why is it used?
    Yukon Albers Equal Area Conic projection is the standard projection used by Yukon Government for all spatial data.  It is an beneficial projection to use because it minimizes distortion within the Yukon and allows us to use one projection to represent the entire territory through 4 UTM zones.  Yukon Albers Equal Area projection requires the projection parameters to define it correctly.  The parameters are:
    • projection albers
    • datum NAD83
    • Zunits no
    • units meters
    • spheroid GRS1980
    • xshift 0.00000000
    • yshift 0.00000000
    • parameters
    • 61 40 0.000 /* 1st standard parallel
    • 68 0 0.000 /* 2nd standard parallel
    • -132 30 0.000 /* central meridian
    • 500000.000 /* false easting (meters)
    • 500000.000 /* false northing (meters)

    This projection is classified as an EPSG projection as EPSG 3578. For more information see

  • I am a new government employee and/or would like to start using ArcGIS in my job. Who can help me get access to the CSW data, and Yukon Government imagery?
    Send an email to
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