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Geomatics Yukon hosts a series of map series that allow users to directly access data from the Yukon government's Corporate Spatial Warehouse without having to store a local static copy of the data. The value of these services is that clients can ensure they are accessing to the most up-to-date version of the data in their own applications. As data is changed and/or content is added these services will be updated automatically.

These map services are available as ESRI's ArcGIS REST services and the industry standard Web Map Service (WMS).  A Geospatial software will be required to use these map services.  All services are distributed using Yukon Albers Equal Area projection, which most software can reproject into other standard projections if required. 

Many of the layers within these map services are not visible on initial display; therefore, your geospatial software must be used to turn on the layers of interest. 

Administrative Information such as territorial borders, YESAA boundaries, trapping and outfitter concessions, game management areas
Base (optimized) Topographic base information that is cached for performance in Yukon Albers projection
Base - CanVec (dynamic)
General topographic base information used for dynamic feature display only
Base - NTDB (dynamic)
General topographic base information used for dynamic feature display only
Biological Information such as key wildlife areas and species of concern
Biophysical Information such as fire, watershed, and ecological classifications
Culture & Heritage
Heritage information, tourism, and general cultural features
Elevation Information such as spot heights, contours, hysometry, and shaded relief  
Environmental Monitoring
Information such as water sampling sites and weather stations    
First Nations
First Nations settlement lands and traditional territories
Forestry Forest tenure and inventory information
Geological Geological information including bedrock geology, geochemistry, mineral occurrences, faults, folds, glacial limits, earthquakes, physiographic regions, and geophysics
Land Planning
Community land planning information such as municipal boundaries and zoning, as well as regional land use planning information  
Land Tenure Land tenure, agricultural tenure, land use permits and surveyed land
Mining Mining information such as placer, quartz, and coal activities, mining districts, areas withdrawn from staking, and placer atlas information
Oil and Gas Oil and Gas information such as dispositions, seismic lines, wells, land division system, and sedimentary extents
Parks & Protected Areas Parks, Protected Areas, and campground information
Reference  A collection of information that can be used to reference a certain location, such as community name, geographic feature name, NTS index, utm zone, geographic graticules, or air photo inventories
Transportation Transportation information such as roads, ferry routes, trails, railroads, km posts, bridges, culverts, and gravel pits  
Utilities & Communications Utilities and Communication information  
 Aerial Photographs  Yukon government's Aerial Photographs repository    
 High Resolution Satellites  Yukon government's High Resolution satellite imagery repository (1m or less)    
 Med/Low Resolution Satellites  Yukon government's Med/Low Resolution Satellite imagery repository (1.5m to 5m)    

The following instructions can be used to connect to the Yukon government web services listed above. These instructions are intended for use with the ESRI ArcGIS platform.

  1. Open ArcCatalog
  2. Expand "GIS Servers"
  3. Double click "Add ArcGIS Server"
  4. Choose the "Use GIS Services" option
  5. Enter the URL: e.g. (for map services) OR (for image services). No User, or Password needed.
  6. Click Finish
  7. A new connection called “arcgis on (user)” (or “imagery on (user)”) should appear in your Table of Contents.

For more information about these services or if you wish to be notified for major service updates, email Geomatics Yukon

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