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Corporate Spatial Warehouse: New Geology data sets available

January 10, 2017

Seven new data sets have been added to CSW in the "Geology" category under "Community Hazards".

Community Hazards - Faro  - 20k

Community Hazards - Burwash Destruction Bay - 25k

Community Hazards - Mayo - 20k

Community Hazards - Pelly Crossing -20k

Community Hazards - Ross River -12k

Community Hazards - Dawson - 30m

Community Hazards - Old Crow - 30m

These data sets identify potential landscape hazards such as permafrost stability, landslides and flooding for seven Yukon communities. Hazards were assessed by evaluating surficial geology maps, permafrost probability models, detailed permafrost investigations, analyses of past hydrological and climatological trends, and future climate projections. The hazard data are ranked and symbolized using stoplight colours. Hazard maps serve as an adaptation planning tool that can support responsible, forward-looking decisions related to climate change impacts on communities. Hazard maps can be used by communities, First Nations, engineers, planners, consultants, and all levels of governmental and non-governmental decision-makers. The project was coordinated by the Northern Climate ExChange (Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College). Surficial geology mapping and hazard analyses were completed by Yukon Geological Survey (Energy, Mines and Resources, Yukon Government). For further information and to download supporting maps and reports, visit the Yukon Geological Survey’s website at or the Northern Climate Exchange’s website at

If you require further information please contact or, Surficial Geologists, Yukon Geological Survey

Note: These data sets will be added to GeoYukon in the next few weeks. The data exports are currently available on and the metadata in http:/


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