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GeoYukon Updated: new layers & tools

April 20, 2017

A series of updates were released on GeoYukon adding some new functionality and layers.

New or altered functionality:

  • Add Data from Yukon Catalogue tool (under File menu or I want to dropdown) - new tool that lists some additional layers that are available for the Yukon, such as imagery mosaics, elevation layers, Statistics Canada demographics, and drainage areas
  • List all imagery tool (under Home menu or I want to drop-down) - altered tool that allows users to download any Aerial imagery listed in the results list
  • Download Vector Data tool (under Home menu or I want to drop-down) - altered tool to streamline the download process and improve performance.  Some layers are only available to download by the full Yukon extent.

New layers:

  • Footprints Aerial Photographs
  • Footprints High Resolution Satellites
  • Footprints Medium Resolution Satellites

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