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2012 Aerial Photograph of the Greater Faro Mine Area Now Available

October 15, 2018

Updated aerial photography for the greater Faro Mine area has been published in the Aerial Photographs image service. This image covers the mine site, and surrounding area including a portion of the town of Faro. The image has a resolution of 30 cm, and was capture on August 15, 2012. 

This image can be viewed in any Yukon Government Web Mapping Applications such as GeoYukon using the Aerial Photographs layer, or by connecting directly to the Aerial Photographs image service's RESTful url in a GIS software client such as ArcGIS or Q-GIS

For Yukon government employees: this imagery can be viewed internally by using the Aerial Photographs layer file available here: \\CSWPROD\Layerfiles\Imagery\.

If you have any questions about Yukon government imagery, please email

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