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ArcGIS Pro Known Issue - Broken connections to Government of Yukon CSW when using layerfiles

July 15, 2019

There is a known issue with ArcGIS Pro when opening project which contain connections to the CSW made using ArcGIS Desktop layerfiles.


When ArcGIS Pro project containing CSW layerfiles (i.e. from here \\cswprod\layerfiles\) is saved and reopened, all CSWPROD data connections made using a layerfile will be broken and appear with red exclamation marks. The user is not prompted for a login.

Temporary workaround:

  1. Start a new ArcGIS Pro project, and add the layerfiles you need from here \\cswprod\layerfiles\ using your CSW login.
  2. In the Catalog in ArcGIS Pro, right click Databases and choose “New Database Connection”
    1. Note: Please complete the Database Connection dialog parameters as shown below using your CSW login.
      1. Database Platform: “Oracle”
      2. Instance: “cswprod/cswprod”
      3. Authentication Type: “Database authentication”
      4. Add a featureclass from your new CSWPROD connection. Leave this layer turned off, as it will only be used to force a prompt for a login.
      5. Save the project.
      6. When you reopen your project, you should be prompted to connect to the CSW, and connections made using layerfiles should be maintained.

Note: This has been tested in ArcGIS Pro v2.3 and v2.4.

Potential long-term solution:

We are considering the potential need for a second set of layerfiles to address this issue. We will notify you if this is implemented.

Please email if you have any questions about using ArcGIS Pro with Government of Yukon data.

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