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New CSW datasets: Water Wells, Water Well Capture Zones

November 22, 2019

Department of Environment, Water Resources has released 2 new CSW datasets:

Water Wells - Water Wells is a collection of water well and borehole construction records obtained through the domestic water well program, voluntary submissions, and regulatory processes (Licenses and permits).

Water Well Capture Zones – Land areas that may contribute groundwater to community wells.

These datasets have been incorporated into a Well Registry ArcGIS online application that will be released next week.

Note: the Large Public Drinking Water Systems dataset has been incorporated into the water wells dataset and will be removed from CSW. Please transition any existing map documents and web applications to use Water Wells. Large Public Drinking Water Systems will be retired from CSW on December 2.

The layerfiles  for the new datasets are  under \\cswprod\layerfiles\Environmental Monitoring\

If you have any questions about the content of this dataset, please contact

These datasets are now on the Geomatics ftpsite Environmental Monitoring\ and will be added to GeoYukon in the coming weeks. Large Public Drinking Water Systems will remain on the ftpsite, and Geoportal until it has been removed from GeoYukon and will be removed from CSW on December 2.

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