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  • Corporate Spatial Warehouse: New Geology data set available

    by Lauren Crooks | Jan 11, 2018

    Yukon Geological Survey has released a new dataset in CSW: Drillhole Locations – 250k

    The layerfile is under \\cswprod\layerfiles\Geological\

    The H.S. Bostock Core Library is a repository for drill core and rock samples from various Yukon mineral properties and YGS mapping programs. This dataset shows the collar coordinates that the core was collected from as well as associated metadata.

    For comments or feedback on the dataset, please contact Brett Elliot (867-667-8481) -

    This dataset is now on the geomatics yukon ftpsite ( and will be added to GeoYukon early next week.

  • GeoYukon: new CanVec base added

    by Nicole Parry | Dec 06, 2017

    The CanVec Base Data is now available in GeoYukon. CanVec is a new set of base data for the Yukon, which is more current and positionally accurate than the older National Topographic Data Base (NTDB) that we have been using for many years.  

    In order to aid users in the transition to the new CanVec Base Data we have made available both collections of Base Data.  The NTDB is now considered to be a legacy base data collection, however, we're aware that many data sets have been developed based on this and will require some time to transition to the new CanVec base.  The NTDB collection will eventually be removed.

    The CanVec Base Data should be used primarily, unless you have a specific requirement for the legacy NTDB data content.

    Please be aware that the cached Base Map under the Base Map heading is still using the NTDB data content.  There are plans in place in the near term to update the content of this cached map service as well.  

    If you have any questions, please contact

  • Corporate Spatial Warehouse: New Biophysical data set available

    by Lauren Crooks | Sep 21, 2017

    Environment Yukon has released a new dataset in CSW: Bioclimate Zones and Subzones

    The layerfile is under \\cswprod\layerfiles\Biophysical\

    Development of the Bioclimate Zones and Subzones of Yukon is the culmination of over 10 years of development through the efforts of working groups and project teams. The bioclimate zone/subzone level of the Yukon Bioclimate Ecosystem Classification (YBEC), although broad in scale, is the architecture that organizes larger (more detailed) scale classification down to the site level. For further information about the YBEC system please refer to Southern Lakes Boreal Low Subzone (BOLsl): A Field Guide to Ecosite (Environment Yukon 2017) or Yukon Ecological and Landscape Classification and Mapping Guidelines (Environment Yukon 2016).

    This dataset is now on the geomatics yukon ftpsite and will be added to GeoYukon in the next couple of days

  • Yukon government False Colour Infrared Image Services - Now Online

    by Ryan Gould | Sep 18, 2017

    Yukon government false colour infrared imagery has been published, and is now available as image services internally. This imagery is very useful in vegetation assessments. 

    Yukon government employees can use this imagery in ArcGIS by loading the layerfiles from here: \\cswprod\layerfiles\imagery\. These files include:

    • Aerial Photographs FCIR.lyr
    • High Resolution Satellites FCIR (Yukon government only).lyr, 
    • Medium Resolution Satellites FCIR (Yukon government only).lyr

    Software clients capable of consuming ArcGIS Server Image Services can access this imagery on ISERVER. Here are the services of interest:

    • Aerial_Photographs_FCIR
    • Satellites_HighResolution_FCIR
    • Satellites_MedResolution_FCIR

    These new services will be appended in the future with True Colour services when new multi-spectral imagery is acquired.

    Please email if you have any questions about Yukon government imagery, or image services.

  • Corporate Spatial Warehouse: New Geology data set available

    by Lauren Crooks | Sep 12, 2017

    Yukon Geological Survey has released a new dataset in CSW: Assessment Report Footprints

    The layerfile is under \\cswprod\layerfiles\Geological\

    The Yukon Mining Assessment Report Footprints database contains over 7,500 reports documenting mineral exploration activity in Yukon since the 1950s. The majority fo these records are open to the public, more recent reports are confidential. Each record in this database represents a report, with the polygon geometry representing the area where work was performed. Key information about these reports has been captured, such as report number, title, author, year, claims, property name, expenditures, as well as a hyperlink to the scanned report, and it's associated data. The intended audience for this dataset is mining companies, prospectors, land use planners, First Nations, regulators, Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Board, Yukon Geological Survey, and Yukon Government.

    If you have any questions about the content of this dataset, please contact

    This dataset is now on the geomatics yukon ftpsite and will be added to GeoYukon in the next couple of days

  • Corporate Spatial Warehouse - New Canvec base data available

    by Lauren Crooks | Aug 30, 2017

    The Yukon Government is transitioning CSW Base data from  NTDB data to Canvec data, which is more positionally accurate and is updated regularly. The NTDB data is now a legacy product that will be retained in CSW as many Departmental data sets are tied to this base. The new Canvec data sets are under the categories Base Data, Elevation, and Transportation as indicated below. These data sets will be added to GeoYukon in the next few weeks. the data exports are currently available on and the metadata will be published at http:/

    Base Data

    Ice and Snow

    Ice and Snow - 50k - Canvec                                  Ice and Snow - 250k - Canvec

    Land Forms and Cover

    Land Cover- 50k - Canvec                                      Land Cover- 250k - Canvec                         Landform Features Line - 50k - Canvec                 Landform Features Line - 250k - Canvec Landform Features Poly - 50k - Canvec                 Landform Features Poly - 250k - Canvec


    Geographic Place Names Point - 50k - Canvec    Geographic Place Names Line - 50k - Canvec Geographic Place Names Poly - 50k – Canvec


    Water Flow - 50k - Canvec                                    Waterbody Islands - 50k - Canvec       Waterbody Lines - 50k - Canvec                           Waterbody Lines - 250k - Canvec     Waterbodies - 50k - Canvec                                  Waterbodies - 250k - Canvec

    Watercourses - 50k - Canvec                                 Watercourses - 250k - Canvec

         Water Obstacle    

    Water Obstacles Line - 50k - Canvec                    Water Obstacles Line - 250k - Canvec Water Obstacles Point - 50k - Canvec                             Water Obstacles Point - 250k - Canvec Water Obstacles Polygon - 50k - Canvec                        Water Obstacles Polygon - 250k - Canvec 


    Wetlands - 50k - Canvec                                        Wetlands - 250k - Canvec



    Contours - 50k - Canvec                                      Contours - 250k - Canvec

    Elevation Points

    Elevation Points - 50k - Canvec                            Elevation Points - 250k - Canvec


    Cut Lines - 50k - Canvec                                      Cut Lines - 250k - Canvec                           Roads Blocked - 50k - Canvec                             Ferry Route - 50k - Canvec                           Road Junctions - 50k - Canvec                            Roads - 50k - Canvec                                  Roads - 250k - Canvec                                       Trails - 50k - Canvec                                      Trails - 250k - Canvec                                          Railroads - 50k - Canvec                                     Railroads - 250k - Canvec                                     Railroad Station - 50k - Canvec                        Railroad Station - 250k - Canvec

  • GeoYukon Updated: new layers & tools

    by Nicole Parry | Apr 20, 2017

    A series of updates were released on GeoYukon adding some new functionality and layers.

    New or altered functionality:

    • Add Data from Yukon Catalogue tool (under File menu or I want to dropdown) - new tool that lists some additional layers that are available for the Yukon, such as imagery mosaics, elevation layers, Statistics Canada demographics, and drainage areas
    • List all imagery tool (under Home menu or I want to drop-down) - altered tool that allows users to download any Aerial imagery listed in the results list
    • Download Vector Data tool (under Home menu or I want to drop-down) - altered tool to streamline the download process and improve performance.  Some layers are only available to download by the full Yukon extent.

    New layers:

    • Footprints Aerial Photographs
    • Footprints High Resolution Satellites
    • Footprints Medium Resolution Satellites

    If you have any questions, please contact

  • Web: YG Server Maintenance Feb 24-26, 2017

    by Nicole Parry | Feb 21, 2017

    The Yukon Government Information & Communication Technology (ICT) branch will be undergoing a government-wide Server Maintenance this weekend from Feb 24 to 26.  This will affect ALL servers, including web mapping servers.

    On Friday and Saturday the updates may result in some brief outages; however, they should be online most of the time.

    On Sunday, the entire YG server network will be TURNED OFF from 6:30am until approximately 7:00pm when their work is completed.  Therefore ArcGIS and all related applications/services will not be available during this period.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Web: Web applications & service maintenance today 12:00

    by Nicole Parry | Jan 30, 2017

    There will be some maintenance for all web mapping applications and services hosted by Geomatics Yukon under today (January 30th) between 12:00 and 1:00.

    Web applications and services may be unavailable for a short time during this maintenance.

    Thanks for your patience.

    If you have any concerns please contact


  • Corporate Spatial Warehouse: New Geology data sets available

    by Lauren Crooks | Jan 10, 2017

    Seven new data sets have been added to CSW in the "Geology" category under "Community Hazards".

    Community Hazards - Faro  - 20k

    Community Hazards - Burwash Destruction Bay - 25k

    Community Hazards - Mayo - 20k

    Community Hazards - Pelly Crossing -20k

    Community Hazards - Ross River -12k

    Community Hazards - Dawson - 30m

    Community Hazards - Old Crow - 30m

    These data sets identify potential landscape hazards such as permafrost stability, landslides and flooding for seven Yukon communities. Hazards were assessed by evaluating surficial geology maps, permafrost probability models, detailed permafrost investigations, analyses of past hydrological and climatological trends, and future climate projections. The hazard data are ranked and symbolized using stoplight colours. Hazard maps serve as an adaptation planning tool that can support responsible, forward-looking decisions related to climate change impacts on communities. Hazard maps can be used by communities, First Nations, engineers, planners, consultants, and all levels of governmental and non-governmental decision-makers. The project was coordinated by the Northern Climate ExChange (Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College). Surficial geology mapping and hazard analyses were completed by Yukon Geological Survey (Energy, Mines and Resources, Yukon Government). For further information and to download supporting maps and reports, visit the Yukon Geological Survey’s website at or the Northern Climate Exchange’s website at

    If you require further information please contact or, Surficial Geologists, Yukon Geological Survey

    Note: These data sets will be added to GeoYukon in the next few weeks. The data exports are currently available on and the metadata in http:/


  • Web: Production server upgrade scheduled for Sun Jan 8

    by Nicole Parry | Jan 06, 2017

    The Production web mapping servers will be upgraded on Sunday January 8th in the evening.  

    All Geocortex applications and web mapping services hosted by Yukon Government (YG) will be offline for a short period during this upgrade.  This will also affect YG web mapping services hosted in Yukon ArcGIS Online applications as well.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact

    Thanks for your patience.

  • WEB MAPPING: Applications temporarily offline today from 12-1 pm

    by Ryan Gould | Dec 16, 2016

    All Yukon government web mapping applications will be temporarily offline today from 12 to 1 pm for maintenance. 

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

    Please email if you have any questions about Yukon government web mapping applications.

  • Web: Geocortex software update Sun Nov 27

    by Nicole Parry | Nov 25, 2016

    The Production Geocortex software used for Geocortex web mapping applications, such as GeoYukon, Mining Viewer, and the Lands Viewer, will be updated on Sunday November 27th.  All production Geocortex web mapping applications will be down for a short time during this upgrade. 

    For more information contact

  • Imagery: Yukon government aerial photographs are now available for download

    by Ryan Gould | Nov 04, 2016

    Yukon government aerial photographs are now available for download. 

    Use the Identify Imagery tool to click on an aerial photograph in GeoYukon. A link will be displayed in the identify results below the Aerial Photographs in the panel on the left. The link is called "Download this aerial photograph". 

    Each download package contains:

    • the most recent aerial photograph tile under the location clicked
    • metadata about the image
    • disclaimer describing the intended use for the image

    Note: multiple tiles may be required collect all the photographs for an area of interest.

    Please email if you have any questions about Yukon government imagery, or the new GeoYukon functionality described in this post.

  • Imagery: New SPOT-6 and SPOT-7 imagery for the Mayo/Keno region

    by Ryan Gould | Oct 13, 2016

    New Yukon government SPOT-6 and SPOT-7 imagery has been published for the Mayo/Keno region. These scenes were captured on 03 Aug 2013, 18 June 2015, and 06 Sept 2015. The resolution for these images is 1.5 metres. 

    These new images can be viewed publicly on GeoYukon, as well as any other Yukon government web applications using the Medium Resolution Satellites image service. Internally this imagery can be accessed in ArcGIS by adding the Medium Resolution Satellites layerfile found here: \\cswprod\layerfiles\imagery\.

    Please email if you have any questions about Yukon government imagery, or image services.

  • Imagery and Elevation Data: Updated footprints now available.

    by Ryan Gould | Sep 26, 2016

    Updated information and footprint polygons for both imagery and digital elevation data are now available on the Geomatics Yukon website here. These polygons delineate the extents all Yukon government aerial and satellite imagery, as well as any digital elevation data.

    Footprints are available for download in ESRI Shapefile, File Geodatabase, and Google KMZ formats.

    Please email if you have any questions about Yukon government imagery or elevation data.

  • Imagery and Elevation Data: Yukon Government DTMs and DSMs available for download.

    by Ryan Gould | Sep 20, 2016

    Yukon government and Natural Resources Canada Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models are now available on the Geomatics Yukon - Imagery and Elevation Data page.

    Please email with any questions about Yukon government elevation data.

  • ArcGIS License Server Administrator Upgrade

    by Ryan Gould | Aug 25, 2016

    The License Server Administrator on GY_LM has been upgraded to version 10.4.1. This allows Yukon government users to upgrade their ArcGIS Desktop Clients to the latest version at their leisure.

    Note: GY_LM will now support ArcGIS Desktop Licensing for versions 10.1-10.4.

    Please email if you have any questions about Yukon government ArcGIS software licenses.

  • Imagery: Connecting to Yukon Government Image Services

    by Ryan Gould | Aug 05, 2016

    Georeferenced imagery is one of the most requested types of data from Geomatics Yukon. However, acquiring the most recent imagery for a project area can be challenging. 

    In an effort to expose as many of the services published in Yukon government web applications as possible, we are providing the following instructions for connecting to the image services. These services are typically updated twice per year, and contain all licensed and public Yukon government imagery.

    (Note: These instructions are for the ESRI ArcGIS platform.)

    1. Open ArcCatalog
    2. Expand GIS Servers
    3. Double click Add ArcGIS Server
    4. Choose Use GIS Services
    5. Enter the URL: (No User, or Password needed)
    6. Click Finish.
    7.  A new connection should appear called “arcgis on (user)”.
    8. Expand Image Services - These are the image services published on the YG applications

    Tip 1.      Use the Mosaic Tab to change the image display order according to a field. You can read details on how to do this in the ArcGIS help menu, and online.

    Tip 2.      Use a Definition Query to display the service according to some criteria (i.e. acquisition date, or project area).

    If you have any questions about Yukon government imagery or services, please email

  • Imagery: Aerial Photographs image service renaming

    by Ryan Gould | Aug 03, 2016

    The Aerial Photographs image service available internally on ISERVER will be renamed from Aerial_Photographs_YukonAlbers to Aerial_Photographs.

    This change will take place on Aug 17, 2016.

    Any projects still using the old service after August 17 will require updating. 

    The newly named service can be accessed internally through ArcGIS by loading the layerfile from \\cswprod\layerfiles\imagery.

    Please email if you have any questions about Yukon government radar imagery. 

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