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  • Corporate Spatial Warehouse: New Forestry data set available

    by Lauren Crooks | Apr 21, 2016

    A new data set has been added to CSW and GeoYukon in the "Forestry" category under "Forest Inventory".

    Vegetation Inventory – 5K

    This dataset currently includes parts of southern Yukon including Whitehorse/Teslin areas as well as the Champagne and Aishihik Traditional Territory (CATT). The inventory is an operational inventory and is based on the, “Yukon Vegetation Inventory Manual version 3”; a guideline for the interpretation for this dataset. The dataset provides a foundation for various land use and economic activities and provides a broader based vegetation classification than previous versions with the intent to increase its utility.

    If you require further information please contact,  EMR Forestry Branch.


  • YG Server Maintenance Feb26-28

    by Nicole Parry | Feb 25, 2016

    The Yukon Government Information & Communication Technology (ICT) branch will be undergoing a government-wide Server Maintenance this weekend from Feb 26 to 28.  This will affect ALL servers.

    On Friday and Saturday the updates may result in some brief outages; however, they should be online most of the time.

    On Sunday, the entire YG server network will be TURNED OFF from 6:30am until approximately 7:00pm when their work is completed.  Therefore ArcGIS and all related applications/services will not be available during this period.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Web: "Placer Operations - 250k" layer no longer available

    by Nicole Parry | Feb 18, 2016

    The "Placer Operations - 250k" layer will be removed from GeoYukon effective February 18, 2016.  It will also be removed form any other public web mapping application.  This layer is currently out of date (approx 5-6 years).  If you would like more information about this layer please contact the Surficial Geology group at the Yukon Geological Survey.  

  • Corporate Spatial Warehouse: New Land Planning data sets available

    by Lauren Crooks | Jan 22, 2016

    Two new data sets have been added to CSW in the "Land Planning" category.They should be used together. 

    Land Use Designations Line

    Land Use Designations Polygon

    These data sets contain the Polygons and Lines of Land Use Designations (Current and Future) that pertain to Local Area Plans and Community Plans. 

    If you require further information please contact, the Coordinator of Drafting and Cartography, EMR Land Planning Branch.

    Note: These data sets will be added to GeoYukon during the week of  February 1. 

  • Imagery: Low resolution satellite imagery mosaics now available as layers on GeoYukon

    by Ryan Gould | Jan 22, 2016

    Mosaics of MODIS Blue Marble, and Landsat of imagery captured between 1990 and 2000 are now available as separate layers in the Yukon government web mapping applications. 

    • MODIS Blue Marble (450 meter, color)
    • Landsat 7 (15 meter, panchromatic)
    • Landsat 7 (90 meter, color with shaded relief effect)

    The Med-Low Resolution Satellite Imagery layers available in each application will now contain SPOT-6 (1.5m), SPOT-7 (1.5m) and IRS (5m) imagery only.

    The Image Services available on Yukon government web mapping applications are maintained by the Geomatics Yukon unit. If you have any questions about Yukon government imagery, please email

  • Corporate Spatial Warehouse: New Elections data sets available

    by Lauren Crooks | Jan 20, 2016

    Two new data sets have been added to CSW (and GeoYukon) in the "Administrative Boundaries" category:

    Yukon Electoral Polling Divisions 2015

    - this data set contains polling divisions for each electoral district as defined by the "Electoral Districts Boundaries Act" (SY 2008, c.14) as amended in July 2015

    Yukon Electoral Districts 2008 

     - this data set contains electoral district as defined by the "Electoral Districts Boundaries Act" (SY 2008, c.14) 

    Please contact the Chief Electoral Officer of Yukon for any questions at

  • Corporate Spatial Warehouse: Fire data updated to include 2015 fires

    by Lauren Crooks | Jan 08, 2016

    The two Fire data sets have been updated to include 2015 fires: Fire History, Fire Ignition Locations. These 2 data sets can be found under the Biophysical\Fire History category on the GeoYukon application.

    Ynet users can access the lyr files for the fire data sets at: \\cswprod\layerfiles\Biophysical\Fire History.

  • Elevation Data: 1.5m Herschel Island dataset added to Digital Surface Model Image Service

    by Ryan Gould | Dec 22, 2015

    A digital surface model for Herschel Island has been added to the Digital Surface Models Image Service. This DSM was generated using stereo GeoEye-1 satellite imagery. Horizontal accuracy is 4.5m, and vertical accuracy is 0-2m. This service is available to YNet users and can be used in ArcGIS by loading the layerfiles from here \\cswprod\layerfiles\elevation\, or by connecting to ISERVER\Elevation. This elevation data is publicly available by request. Please email if you have any questions about the Herschel Island DSM, or the Yukon government DSM image service. This data is maintained by the Geomatics Yukon unit.

  • Imagery: New WorldView-2 scene for Lansing River / Steward River intersection

    by Ryan Gould | Dec 18, 2015

    A WorldView-2 (50cm, color) image for the area where the Lansing and Stewart Rivers meet has been published on Yukon government web applications and for use in desktop clients. This scene was captured on 08-Sep-2013.

    Users can view the image in ArcGIS by loading the any of the High Resolution Satellites layerfiles found here: \\cswprod\layerfiles\imagery, or by connecting directly to ISERVER\ImageServices\

    This image is also available for AutoCAD users in UTM zone specific services here ISERVER\UTM\

    This image is available in the High Resolution satellites layer on any Yukon government web mapping applications using the High Resolution Satellites image service.

    If you have any questions about Yukon government high resolution imagery, or the service mentioned above, please email

  • Imagery: New SPOT-6 and SPOT-7 available

    by Ryan Gould | Dec 09, 2015

    New SPOT-6 and SPOT-7 scenes have been published. New areas include:

    • North Slope area (07/07/2015)
    • Eagle Plains area (27/08/2013, and 09/09/2014)
    • North Canol Road areas (28/08/2013, 22/10/2013, 15/09/2014, and 08/09/2014)

    This imagery can be viewed in the GeoYukon  application (link), or any other Yukon government web mapping applications using the Med-Low Resolution Satellites image service.

    YNet users may use this image service by loading 'Med-Low Resolution Satellites (newest on top).lyr' from here: \\cswprod\layerfiles\imagery\, or by accessing the service directly on ISERVER here ISERVER\ImageServices

    Updated imagery footprints are available for download here:

    Please email if you have any questions about Yukon government SPOT-6/7 imagery, or the Med-Low Resolution Satellites image service.

  • Web Mapping and Database: Production Server Maintenance Sun Dec 13

    by Nicole Parry | Dec 04, 2015

    The Production servers in our Spatial Data Infrastructure need some server maintenance to ensure their stability.   This maintenance is being done by TIO and it includes updates to: Windows OS/, VMs, hard drives and network drivers. 

    The server maintenance will be done on Sunday December 13th between 8:00am and 4:00pm.   This maintenance will require servers to be unavailable for periods during this time period.

     The following services will be affected:

    • CSW Production database will be unavailable
    • GeoYukon Yukon ArcGIS license server (internal)
    • Production Geocortex Web Mapping applications: 
      • GeoYukon
      • Mining
      • Lands
      • PlacerAtlas
      • OilGas
      • Skyline
      • EMR_Internal
      • YHSI
      • Transportation
      • YESAB Geolocators.  
    • Production ArcGIS map services
    • Production Image services

    If you have a problem with the timing please let know asap.  Thanks for your understanding.


  • Imagery: Updated footprints available

    by Ryan Gould | Nov 25, 2015

    Updated imagery footprint are now available for Yukon government Aerial Photographs, Med-Low Resolution Satellites, and High Resolution Satellites on the Imagery page. Footprint are provided in ESRI file geodatabase, ESRI shapefile, and Google KML formats.

  • Web Mapping: Database upgrade Wed Oct 28

    by Nicole Parry | Oct 22, 2015

    The Corporate Spatial Warehouse (CSW) database will be upgraded on Wed Oct 28 between 12:00 and 12:30, which will result in all Yukon Government (YG) web mapping applications and services to be offline for a short period.  All internal YG ArcGIS users will also be affected.

    If you have any questions or concerns contact

    Thank you for your patience!

  • Web Mapping: ArcGIS Server upgrade Sun Oct 25, 12-4pm

    by Nicole Parry | Oct 21, 2015

    Yukon Government's Production ArcGIS Server environments will be upgraded to ArcGIS Server version 10.3.1 on Sunday Oct 25 between 12:00 and 4:00pm.  This will affect all web applications and web services, including GeoYukon, and will result in a short offline period during the upgrade.  

    Thanks for your patience!

    For more information contact:

  • Web Mapping: All Application offline Sat Oct 3 9-11am

    by Nicole Parry | Oct 02, 2015

    There is some maintenance required on the Corporate Spatial Warehouse (CSW) databases which will require CSW to be taken offline on Saturday Oct 3rd between 9:00 and 11:00am.  This will result in all web applications being offline during this period.  The web applications will be back online as soon as the CSW maintenance is complete.

    Thanks for your patience during this time.

    For more information contact

  • GeoYukon application upgrade 5:00-7:00pm tonight

    by Nicole Parry | Apr 20, 2015

    GeoYukon will be updated tonight, April 20, 2015, between 5:00-7:00pm and will be offline for a short period.  This is to allow for improvements to the applications.  Thank you for your patience.

    For more information contact

  • Web mapping maintenance 5:00-8:00pm tonight

    by Nicole Parry | Mar 09, 2015

    There will be some applications to upgraded and the security model needs to be fixed on the Web Mapping production infrastructure.  This will be done this evening between 5:00-8:00pm .  Some sites will be offline for a short period during this time, primarily the secured sites (EMR_Internal, Geolocator, Transportation).  Most other sites will have minimal impact. 


  • Web Mapping: Applications and Services offline Feb 20-22

    by Nicole Parry | Feb 19, 2015

    The Yukon Government Data Centre to undergo annual maintenance this weekend and will affect all web mapping applications and services hosted by Geomatics Yukon. 


    There will be computer system and Data Centre maintenance on the weekend of February 20, 21 and 22, 2015


    All systems and services will be available most of the weekend with a complete network system outage occurring from 0400 (4:00 am) to 1200 (noon) on Sunday, February 22


    For more information please see ICT’s blog at:


  • Web Mapping: Server upgrade Thurs Jan 8

    by Nicole Parry | Jan 07, 2015

    All Yukon government’s ArcGIS Server installations will be upgraded to 10.2.2 on Thursday Jan 8th between 5:45 to 6:45pm.  This will affect all web mapping applications, map services and image services.  They will be down for approximately 30min during the upgrade. 

    For more information contact Geomatics Yukon.

  • Web Mapping: Application Offline on Dec 10

    by Nicole Parry | Dec 09, 2014

    There will be some upgrades to the electrical service at the Main Administration Building tomorrow night which will affect our GeoYukon application and all other Yukon web mapping applications.  

    The work will be performed on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 during the evening hours to minimize the impact on employees.  The outage will start at 6:30 pm Wednesday evening and last until 2:00 am Thursday morning. 

    The web mapping applications will be back online as quickly as possible.

    For more information contact

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