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Geomatics Yukon website change

December 12, 2014

Geomatics Yukon's website will be undergoing a change.  The "Search our collection" function is being replaced with the GeoYukon application.  

GeoYukon is a new tool to access Yukon government's most up-to-date and comprehensive collection of spatial data including imagery.  GeoYukon allows you to view, search, extract and download Yukon spatial data and related metadata.

GeoYukon provides more search capability and functionality than the website data collection tool, and is also linked directly to the Yukon government's internal spatial data repository.

The Data page has been removed immediately; however, for a short time you will still be able to access the old website data collection tool via the "Search our collection" box at the top of the web page.  This functionality will be removed shortly as well.

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