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Web Application Image Service Updates

October 29, 2015

All Government of Yukon image services have been optimized to significantly improve performance, and display.

The following image services are now available on Government of Yukon web mapping applications:

High Resolution Satellites: this service includes all Government of Yukon satellite imagery with pixel resolutions of 1 metre or better. Sensors contained in this service include: GeoEye-1 (50cm), Ikonos (80cm-1m), Pleiades 1 (50cm), QuickBird (60cm), WorldView-1 (50cm) and WorldView-2 (50cm). The imagery in this service is licensed to the Government of Yukon.

Med-Low Resolution Satellites: this service now includes all Government of Yukon satellite imagery with pixel resolutions from 1.5m to 15m. Sensors contained in this service include: SPOT-5 (5m), SPOT-6 (1.5m), IRS (5m and 10m) and Landsat-7 (15m). All the imagery in this service, not including Landsat, is licensed to the Government of Yukon.

Aerial Photographs: this service includes aerial photographs supplied by Government of Yukon, Natural Resources Canada and the City of Whitehorse. Image resolutions in the Aerial Photographs service have pixel resolution ranging from 4cm to 4.5m. Imagery in this service is publically available on request.

If you have any questions about Government of Yukon imagery please email




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